Explore tailored recommendations for musicians, songs, and albums that suit your taste in music and easily find new favourites. Additionally, take a listen to our carefully chosen “Audyssey Suggested” playlist on Spotify, which is loaded with songs and artists we think you should check out.

Suggested Artists

Metro Gloomin
King Durk
Young Diso
Ice Heat
J. Coal
Earl Hoodie

Suggested Albums

Bliss in the Forrests – Kaysit
Sailing to you – Hozeire
From the depths of heaven – Skintri
New age – Mad city
Spring Blossom – Barry can swim
192 Sessions – Dj Marki
With You – Jay electric
Black hole – West minter

Suggested Tracks

Cyanide – Mister Bliss
Belong on the road – WizMan
In the bleak mid-winter – Aalegra
Enlightenment – Harry Snoh
Sunirse a.m – Jamma
White Sins – BURNS
Pure Feelings – MK
PMW – Nova

Audyssey has teamed up with Spotify creators to make a suggested playlist for you to jam out to. Discover new tracks, dive back into your favourites and delve back into the music you fell in love with. All in one place. Introducing, Audyssey Suggested. All your music needs in one convenient playlist.

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