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Discover a chosen selection of your favourite musicians and songs, arranged according to your tastes and listening history. Find yout songs, albums, and biographies of the artists influencing your taste in music.

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Rap – Rhythm and Blues – House – Techno – Indie – Hip Hop – Country – Heavy Metal – Pop – Jungle – Electric Dance Music

Top Artists

Kanye West
Rosco Noe
Brian Koster
The Banjo Bandits
Village Green
Lil Cannon
Jean Smith

Top Tracks

Not waving but drowning – Doyle Carter
Heavy – Fred Craigs
Misty Iceland – Fredoh
Finest Night – JMD
Dark Knight – Floyd
Anti Social – Reallo
White Roses – Harry Myles
West Day – Mr West

Recently Played

Blue Days – Ben Pearce
p – Z – Reallo
Save It – Kay Fierce
Love Again – Curtis Edwards